Serial Killers Incorporated – First Review

Serial Killers Incorporated – First Review In!! March 2011 First things first, Anarchy Books is trying to do something a little bit different, a fusion of writing, music, film and video game… Tony likes the combination of novel and album… he thinks it’s “innovative” in fact, although I’m sure Michael Moorcock and Hawkwind did something like this a few years back 😉 ……”The addition of audio tracks is something that appeals to me as I quite often associate books that I read with the music I played at the time. I think there is market for mixed media and I hope to see more innovative stuff like this cropping up”.

By the end of the review, Tony’s opinion concludes, “This is a thoroughly enjoyable book, that is easy to read and relate to (not sure what that says about me). If you like fast paced action in a modern setting then this book will be right up your alley, and any book with a GSXR is off to a good start”.

You can read the full review at: Many thanks!!


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