Latest News Roundup!


And yes, news of our Easter SEVEN BOOK RELEASES continues to spread across our digital globe like a virus!!

We have amention over at the fabulous LOUCIFER SPEAKS –

and at Commissar Ploss’s wonderful THE FOUNDING FIELDS –

and we have ze mention over at the brilliant Fantasy Book Review –

and at Horrormeister Wayne Simmon’s site –

and at Colin F. Barne’s site –

and I know the press release/ mentions are due out on quite a few other sites and author pages over the next few days. Keep your eyes peeled!! And if you want us to link to you, drop us an email at



On another note, our debut author and PC Format and MAC Format techie writer LUIS VILLAZON / A JAR OF WASPS has performed a 15 minute reading of his incredible new SF/Geo-Thriller novel for the 2010 Hugo winning Starship Sofa, and that should be out as a podcast this week (Issue 231).

And check out A Jar of Wasps official website –


And finally, DAN HENK (author of THE BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY) made it through to the TOP 6 of the fabulous AEON AWARD 2011 contest, and received this fine missive:

“I should also take this opportunity to first, congratulate you on the fact that your fine story, “Doctor Suess is Dead”, was voted in the Top 6 of all stories shortlisted for the Aeon Award 2011 contest. It not only, therefore, outclassed the 300+ entries submitted to the contest, but also outclassed the majority of those high-quality stories that were shortlisted.

Alas, however, we have just had word back on the decisions of the Grand Judges about the three overall winning stories of the contest, and I’m sorry to report that they have not chosen “Doctor Suess is Dead”.

We will be announcing the winning stories in the next day or so on the Albedo One website. This year the Grand Judges took quite some time to decide on the winners from the top 6, because the process was by all accounts agonizing, given the high quality of the top six stories. I know that one Grand Judge ranked your story in the winning three. And having read your story, I’m sorry the overall result is not different.

Our sincere thanks for submitting your fine work to the contest in 2011, and given what we have seen of your writing, we expect to hear great things from you in the future.”

You can check out Dan’s great novel The Black Seas of Infinity at:



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