New cover art for Barker’s “Trajectory”…


Truth is a Lie.

The Cold War didn’t end.


In the late 70s, Jake Grant and Stewart Hunt acted as an assassination team called VICTORIES for the mysterious Department of Foreign Influence Studies. Operating under the orders of Graham Ferris, Deputy Director of DFIS, Grant and Hunt were two soldiers unknowingly involved in a covert plot named “Blue Monday”, designed to bring down the Soviet Union. But Hunt discovered a decades-old truth about DFIS, and wanted out. Jake Grant had to stop him – but at what cost?


In a startling series of interviews, Jake Grant reveals as much about himself as the events of 1979 and 1980. Is he a soldier or a psychopath? Jake recounts the events and lives of men and women who were pawns in a secret conspiracy to control the course of civilization.


TRAJECTORY is a riveting psychological espionage thriller that shocks, surprises – and makes one question the Truth.


Published September 1st 2012 by Anarchy Books,

ISBN: 978-1-908328-45-8 Mobi / 978-1-908328-46-5 ePub


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