SYNDICATE by Joseph Reznor

Yes, here at Anarchy we’re *ecstatic* about a new acquisition! Not one, not two – but THREE fabulous SF space-opera adventure stories by London-born Joseph Reznor!! The first title will be released on Halloween, possibly reflecting the horrific nature of the story within…….


by Joseph Reznor

CRACK13. The worst of the worst. A violent, unpredictable gun-toting combat squad; psychopathic, untrustworthy and hardcore. Employed by Earth’s Combine Syndicate to carry out unofficial governmental clean-up operations, they are experts in infiltration, demolition and assassination. Covert. Off the record. Cash in hand. No questions asked.

Jemma Vasquez, The Krakken and Palomino are retired CRACK13 soldiers, scattered, disillusioned and hated. But when they are recruited by the mysterious Chiz for a dangerous new off-record mission, they realise they are onto something big; for their quest leads them to The World Key, an alien decoding tablet capable of unlocking The God Machine – the machine that created the planets and stars. But just as The God Machine is within their grasp, an ancient enemy from beyond the stars awakes… and CRACK13 are the only thing between this new enemy and galactic extinction.

SYNDICATE is the first book in a stunning new trilogy by Joseph Reznor, a mixture of exciting space opera, fast-paced action, bloody violence and black humour. SYNDICATE is an Anarchy Books original.

Published October 31st 2012 by Anarchy Books,

ISBN: 978-1-908328-54-0 MOBI / 978-1-908328-55-7 EPUB

Artwork by Steve Upham.


JOSEPH REZNOR was born in 1969 in London. He’s had various jobs, from brick-layer to chef, but finally settled in a career in mental health, where he likes nothing more than to help people. Writing since the age of twenty, when he’d do just about anything to get out of studying for his degree, he is now married with three children, and harbours secret fantasies about being the first SF author to write a novel on Mars…


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