The Warrior’s Journey by Edward Drake

The Warriior's Journey

The Warriior’s Journey


by Edward Drake


The Warrior’s Journey is an epic fantasy set in a mystical dark age where monsters roam the plains, mages wield powerful sorcery and arguments are settled by the honour of the blade.


In the land of Castille, Garrick Chilver is a soldier trained in combat by his honourable father, Sir Nickholi. The tale follows Garrick and his companions, an enslaved pair of outcasts, an old knight returning home to his family, an imprisoned murderer, a young innocent marked for great power, and a mysterious sorcerer – as their land is struck by a series of terrible and catastrophic disasters. As demons and dark sorcerers roam the lands wreaking terror, chaos and death, Garrick and his companions find a common goal in their struggles against the corrupt Brotherhood of Guardians and the evil Paladins of the Gods.


When the person closest to Garrick is slaughtered by the leader of the Paladins, Garrick’s journey of vengeance brings him to the capital of Castille where, alongside its rulers, he will face the true evil that stalks the world…  


The Warrior’s Journey is an epic tale of champions and honour, showing what it truly means to be a hero – a shining example of a bright flame ranged against the darkness of chaos!

Described by fantasy author Ian Graham as, “Fast-paced traditional fantasy… breathless and compelling” this is a good old traditional fantasy tale swaddled in the same oak casket as The Lord of the Rings and fantasy by David Eddings and Raymond Feist.



Writing began as a pastime for Edward, using it over the years as something to avoid real work and study. From this interest a website was created to display his short stories and previews of larger tales;


Living in the Norfolk countryside, Edward Drake returned to a story he had written several years previously during his studies, a tale of honourable knights, despised kings and beautiful, heroic princesses. Rewriting the novel almost from scratch, Destiny was created as the first in The Warrior’s Journey series.


After a brief stint with another publisher, Destiny was rewritten and retitled THE WARRIOR’S JOURNEY – to be published by ANARCHY BOOKS in 2013. This will be followed soon after by DARKNESS, Book 2 of THE WARRIOR’S JOURNEY, also in 2013, with Books 3 and 4 slated for a 2014 release.


Edward Drake has also had a short story, The Cost of Glory, published in the anthology Day of Demons. The Cost of Glory is a fantasy tale set in the world of The Warrior’s Journey, following a sell-sword’s final quest in defeating the demon that plagued him all his life. The success of The Cost of Glory led to the creation of two novelettes focused on the central character, entitled Stormheart:Legend and Stormheart:Myth.


You can read more about Edward Drake at



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