How We Made A Movie For $666 – Kickstarter Book Announcement


Andy Remic has announced the final completion of his debut indie horror movie, IMPURITY, starring Frazer Hines (Doctor Who/Emmerdale), made by a group of friends for the astonishingly devilish sum of $666. You can check this out at

To celebrate, Andy intends to write a book about his grueling exploits, inspired by Robert Rodriguez (Rebel Without a Crew), Chris Nolan (Following, Memento, Dark Knight) and Chris Jones/Genevieve Joliffe (Guerilla’s Filmmakers Handbook). He has started a Kickstarter campaign, and for just £6 you can receive the book, and for £10 the book and a 1 month window to watch the movie – as well as some other very interesting pledges including the chance to be in the next movie! (Woohoo!)

All proceeds from this Kickstarter go towards the making of the next film, The Mask Within. You can read more at:

and the Kickstarter to fund the project can be found at:

Please spread the word!!


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