The Four Realms Update…….

Four Realms Final_500The last six weeks have been hectic… brilliant, but hectic as I promoted The Four Realms.  Seeing your debut novel released to the world is a nerve-racking experience.  Obviously your publisher believes in the book otherwise they would not have offered to publish it, but what of the wider public?


I’ve been genuinely delighted by the response.  People seem to be enjoying the novel and saying lovely things about it.


A Fantastic Librarian says  “Faulkner’s debut managed to deliver a host of interesting and some downright compelling characters”  (


WarpcoreSF calls The Four Realms “a thoroughly enjoyable mystery that mashes up modern urban fantasy with aliens and a more traditional fantasy world that’s in a state of gradual modernisation.”  (


All Things Urban Fantasy says “I would highly recommend THE FOUR REALMS to anyone who  wants a twist on the usual sword and sorcery.” (


The Eloquent Page says “Faulkner has created a great plot that’s very easy to get caught up in. The cast of characters work well and the world that the author has invented is consistently interesting.”


I’ve been interviewed over at The Qwillery (,  My Bookish Ways (, Civilian Reader (, and Manga Maniac Café. (


I’ve even been on the HeadSpace podcast talking about my writing process. (


Manga Maniac Café also hosted a novel extract. (


I’ve written a number of guest posts:  One on the origin of my 82 year old protagonist, Maureen, for A Fantastic Librarian ( and another on my Worldbuilding for Civilian Reader (

But it’s not just bloggers who’ve been talking about the novel,  general readers have been leaving reviews at Amazon and Goodreads as well as contacting me direct.


Reader Neil says “Discworld meets Underworld, I loved this book and couldn’t stop reading it”.


Kevin says “I really enjoyed your book and was unhappy when I finished and realized I would have to wait for book two”.


Dornon says “I’ll certainly read more from this author.  There are touches of genius in this book and it is worth a read so I do recommend it.”


But it’s still not over. I’ve got another interview and there’s at least one review from a professional outlet forthcoming.  No wonder the last six weeks have gone by in a flash!

Of course, now the aim is to build upon this and write a new book that’s even better received.  I reckon that’s going to be a tough job but I’m glad to say I’m already well into writing the next book in my perceived series.

And finally, just had another great review over at The Troubled Scribe!!


Adrian Faulkner, February 2013.


Another great review of Monsters Anonymous by Theresa Derwin…

Yep, another great review…. but hey, what do you expect, right?

“Each story just kept getting better and better, definitely not for the faint of heart.” – The Founding Fields.

Read the full review at…


Fab Monsters Anonymous Review

Just had a fabulous Monsters Anonymous review come in… well done Theresa!!


“Like me you’ve probably never heard of Theresa Derwin but I think the timing and wit of her humour will be something the readers will be drawn to. I certainly am.”


“The stories and themes within them are varied and interesting. I even blushed a little at the rather raunchy story about a possessed vibrator. Yes, I did say possessed vibrator.”


“This is a fun and yet disturbing read that really does manage to freak you out in unusual ways. It is well worth a read.”

Tony Lane

Review of Andy Remic’s “Rocket Cat” children’s book…

GREAT REVIEW OF ROCKET CAT!!… my first kid’s novel…

“Clever, funny, and entertaining Rocket Cat had Liam smiling as I tried to imitate some kitty language for him while reading out loud. A great wholesome read, Rocket Cat gets 10 out of 10 Liams for being such a fantastic kids book…” – The Troubled Scribe

“Whether you have kids or not, ‘Rocket Cat, The Tale of a Cat with a Rocket Pack’ is an exciting and adventurous children’s tale by Andy Remic, that follows the exploits of Tiger Puk as he desperately searches for his captured love, Libby Twinkleye.” – The Troubled Scribe

A Jar of Wasps – Reviewed by Morpheus Tales

A Jar of Wasps by Luis Villazon

Review by Adrian Brady, Morpheus Tales

Andy Remic’s Anarchy Books is rapidly carving out a niche for itself as an ebook publisher to be reckoned with…”


Villazon’s novel reads like a geo-version of The DaVinci Code, in a good way, a thrilling chase and race against time. A thrill ride of a novel, Villazon’s debut novel is astoundingly good.”



Dark Asylum Review at Black Abyss

Dark Asylum by Matthew Cowden.

Reviewed at Black Abyss.

“Dark Asylum bills itself as a ‘Victorian tale of madness, mayhem and slaughter’ and it certainly fulfils that brief…”


“ I really enjoyed the atmospheric start and the build up of characters, [and] I particularly enjoyed the obvious nods to it’s Gothic heritage…”


enjoyable, well written with some good characters and some nice ideas…”


Full review at

A Jar of Wasps – two great new reviews!!

Anarchy Books author Luis Villazon gets two brilliant reviews in as many days! Cool or what?

First is the upcoming Morpheus Tales review, “A thrill ride of a novel, Villazon’s debut novel is astoundingly good”…….

Second, comes a FIVE STAR review at SF Book Reviews, “A Jar of Wasps is perspicacious, witty and a wholeheartedly entertaining read from beginning to end, one book that really shouldn’t be missed.”

Things are definitely looking up for Mr Villazon!!

And the book is currently on special offer, only £1.99 at

Graham Trevennan has just been dumped by his girlfriend. That’s not the problem. He’s wanted by the police for a murder he didn’t commit. That’s not the problem, either. But around the world, dormant volcanoes are suddenly erupting and impossibly complex crystal meteorites are falling out of the sky in a way that probably isn’t coincidental. Now, the CIA, the army and at least one terrifyingly beautiful treasure hunter all seem to think that shooting Graham will somehow help them get hold of these priceless, extraterrestrial crystals. That is a problem.
Graham’s mission is to avoid getting killed, figure out whose side he is on and save the world. In the end, he manages two out of three. Which for a beginner, isn’t bad.

£1.99 at