Announcing 2 New Releases from Anarchy Books – and a very special $0.99/£0.99 celebratory offer!!!

SPIRAL and DARKNESS – Press Release

Announcing 2 New Releases from Anarchy Books – and a very special $0.99/£0.99 celebratory offer!!!

26th July marks a very special day at Anarchy Books.

Two books are slated for release –

First, Spiral, the 2003 best-selling (10,000 copies in the first week, beating Tolkien and Pratchett to the No.1 spot, no less!) SF thriller by Andy Remic is due its second NEW AND IMPROVED eBook edition, crammed with lots of extras including: a bonus short story, an interview with Andy Remic, the Spiral “original blurb”, the Spiral “original synopsis”, the original 10,000 word “first chapter”, the infamous deleted “rape scene” (deemed by Orbit as being too controversial for the US market- damn you, US market!!), and also original the original 2003 copy-edit notes – many things that might be of interest to wannabe writers, and fans of the Spiral universe. And all for… $0.99 and £0.99, for a short limited period! Cheap as chips.

And… it’s Andy Remic’s birthday 🙂




– No. 1 Best-selling SF/Thriller –

First published by Orbit Books in 2003

Now, for the first time, re-edited and presented here with LOTS of extras…

Spiral. A world where nuclear warheads can be hidden in a briefcase… A world where bio-plagues are held suspended in a teardrop… Prepare for Chaos!

In a world where conventional armies are powerless to defend against a single assassin, the secret organisation known as Spiral exists to fight a shadow war against fanatics and rogue states of every faith and political persuasion.

Meet Carter, Spiral’s toughest operative – retired, in self-imposed exile in the Scottish mountains with his dog and a supply of Lagavulin. But Spiral come under vicious attack, its Demolition Squads wiped out with consummate ease, and Carter is visited by former lover Natasha who persuades him to help… but can he trust her?

Dragged back into the shadowy world of global terrorists and assassination, Carter realises Spiral’s enemies are deadly – for they are the Nex, soldiers blended with insect DNA making them almost unstoppable.

From Germany to the UK, from Africa to LA, from Austria to Russia, Carter is dragged further and further into a complicated world puzzle in a battle for civilization’s survival.

And if Carter fails, the world falls with him.


Second up, we have heroic fantasy saga Darkness by our very own Edward Drake. And get this — it’s being published on his wedding day! So Happy Wedding Day, Mr Drake!!




by Edward Drake

Castille is a land in ruin. Morrigan and his Paladins have laid waste what once stood, shattering the peace of a hundred years.

Garrick Chilver, newly knighted, along with his companions, set out to find the killer of the last of his family. Together with a murderer, an innocent marked for great power, a veteran of a dozen campaigns, a mysterious sorcerer and two escaped slaves, he will fight to drive back Morrigan’s hellish unleashed nightmares… and avenge those loved ones he has lost.

The Paladins are not the only threat Garrick’s party will face. In the shadows lurk those who wait merely for the right moment to strike at the weakened nation. Corrupt and power-hungry, they see their righteous chance amidst the chaos.

In his pursuit of vengeance, Garrick will lead the knights to the citadel of Rheins, the one defence on the borders of Castille. If the citadel falls, there will be nothing to stop Morrigan’s destructive rage.

The Warrior’s Journey is an epic series of champions and honour, showing what it truly means to be a hero – a shining example of a bright flame ranged against the darkness of chaos!


ARCs are now available for reviewers – just email

And visit for more information.




Memoirs of a ZX Spectrum Addict…

Yep, it’s a current work in progress, but SO MUCH FUN to write!!! I’m after some feedback on the cover which I based on the old Melbourne House book covers (remember Supercharge Your Spectrum? etc).  Any comments appreciated, to  Cheers!!

Autumn of Indie at The Geek Syndicate…. with a bit of Anarchy Books thrown in….

The Autumn of Indie on the Geek Syndicate website start today! For this entire season of falling leaves, shorter days and colder weather we will be celebrating the wonderful world of all things Indie in all the mediums we can get our grubby mitts on.

What is Autumn of Indie?

Geek Syndicate are big fans and supporters of all things indie from the worlds of gaming, films, books,audio and especially comics. However one of the problems is that there is so much great indie content out there that a lot of it is being missed. Here at Geek Syndicate we wanted to try to play a small part in getting  the word out about what’s happening in the indie and thus ‘The Summer of Indie’ was born.

In 2012 indie scene has exploded even further with self published novels now topping the Amazon charts, indie projects being crowd funded on sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have always been big supporters of the indie scene  so we thought we would bring you another special focus on the indie scene but this time over the Autumn months. Of course being the highly creative folk we are here at Geek Syndicate we wracked our brains to come up with  a name and finally after months  of soul-searching we came up with ‘Autumn of Indie’ (ok maybe there was slightly less soul-searching than implied).

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Anarchy Books – Revamped Website!!

Yes, the site is REVAMPED (and possibly just VAMPED)….

This includes…. Info on the new SUMMER SIZZLER PROMOTION!!

The opening chapters of ALL OUR BOOKS available to read free!!

Info on our associations with Angry Robot Books and The Geek Syndicate!!

A lovely White Rabbit bunny rabbit….. !

Even more exclamation marks!!!!!!!

Visit –

Review of Andy Remic’s “Rocket Cat” children’s book…

GREAT REVIEW OF ROCKET CAT!!… my first kid’s novel…

“Clever, funny, and entertaining Rocket Cat had Liam smiling as I tried to imitate some kitty language for him while reading out loud. A great wholesome read, Rocket Cat gets 10 out of 10 Liams for being such a fantastic kids book…” – The Troubled Scribe

“Whether you have kids or not, ‘Rocket Cat, The Tale of a Cat with a Rocket Pack’ is an exciting and adventurous children’s tale by Andy Remic, that follows the exploits of Tiger Puk as he desperately searches for his captured love, Libby Twinkleye.” – The Troubled Scribe

Andy Remic: An Interview about Anarchy Books…


Yes, here I am being interviewed by The Robot Reader (Angry Robot Books) about our recent collaboration. 🙂

Andy Remic is a (super duper) busy man with much on his plate and his finger in many pies (mmmmm, a plate of pies…). He’s the published author of a string of high-octane, all-action sf-techno-thrillers including War Machine, Biohell, Quake and Warhead, as well as the blood and gore-drenched fantasy saga The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles. He’s also a publisher in his own right with the wonderfully noisy, spectacularly spiky and hugely colourful independent press Anarchy Books.

We asked Andy a few questions about Anarchy Books and this is what he had to tell us:

The Robot Reader: How did Anarchy Books come about? What made a published author decide to become a publisher of other authors? ………….”


Rocket Cat by Andy Remic – released 1st July 2012

That’s right! Andy Remic, sword champion, chainsaw warrior, bunny ninja, often described as “The Rock Hard Nutter of SF” and “The Tarantino of Fantasy” and author of 14 novels, has written a loveable fluffy cuddly children’s book entitled ROCKET CAT, about, surprisingly, a cat with a rocket pack. Out 1st July 2012 from Anarchy Books in paperback, EPUB and KINDLE formats.


Tiger Puk the ginger tomcat meets his new true love, the gorgeous kitten Libby Twinkleye. But when evil Redcap Goblin Katcats – Sooty Tailbite, Fang Whiskertwist and the terrifying killer, Claw Pawtangle – steal her away for their master, Chimera of Niffle Heim, Tiger must make a choice…

To lie in the sun purring and washing his fur, or… to dismantle a sports car and build a rocket pack? Tiger breaks out the spanners, and in a feline version of The A-Team, learns meccy hanics, builds his own enny gin, fills the tank with petty rol – and bravely roars off into the night sky!

However, the Redcap Goblin Katcats learn of Tiger’s rescue mission, and on their goblin wings head out to meet him… with their terrible, vast army from the evil world of Niffle Heim!

Will Tiger Puk ever see his Heartsong Libby Twinkleye again?

Read Rocket Cat to find out…

Mobi ISBN: 978-1-908328-47-2

ePUB ISBN: 978-1-908328-48-9

Paperback: 978-1-908328-49-6


ANDY REMIC has written lots of books for adults, but Rocket Cat is his first children’s novel. Originally written a long time ago, in a  galaxy far, far away, this newly polished sparkly Katcat version was written for his little boys, Joseph and Oliver.

Remic lives in Lincolnshire, and enjoys mountain biking, computer games and tinkering with his rocket pack. Read more at: and