About Anarchy Books

ANARCHY BOOKS is sister company to ANARCHY FILMS – www.anarchyfilms.co.uk

ANARCHY BOOKS – QUALITY eBOOKS to download in various formats.

ANARCHY BOOKS  is a radical digital publishing company. Our focus is on multi-strand publishing projects,concepts which combine different media to present a wider experience for the entertainment junkie.

Our first project was SERIAL KILLERS INCORPORATED, a thriller novel by ANDY REMIC, genre author of SPIRAL, QUAKE, WARHEAD, WAR MACHINE, BIOHELL,
HARDCORE, CLONEWORLD, KELL’S LEGEND, SOUL STEALERS and VAMPIRE WARLORDS, with the concept music indie/rock album provided by TH3 M1SS1NG and short film created by GRUNGE FILMS/ANARCHY FILMS.

Run from the UK and publishing worldwide, ANARCHY BOOKS aims to move forward the ever-expanding publishing boundaries of digital media with energy, originality,
multi-strand projects… and anarchy. Like the explosive punk movement of the 70s, ANARCHY BOOKS is detonating with a view to the future of rapidly accelerating digital concept media.

Long live ANARCHY in the UK.


– the reading of books in digital format…

This store/portal is for the sale of eBooks sold in varying different formats and compatible with the iPad, Amazon Kindle, Sony devices, iPhone (using Stanza, iBooks or the Barnes and Noble application), Sony devices and pretty much any device available, including the good old PC and MAC.

Please check the correct format for your device with care. We currently provide ePub (via The Robot Trading Company) and MOBI (Kindle) formats for download. If in doubt, refer to the manual for your device.

Anarchy Books cannot be held accountable if you choose to download the wrong format for your device. In this instance, you should use a third party application such as Calibre, but we are unable to offer third party application/conversion support.

Please note: Anarchy Book’s charges are in UK Sterling. Any dollar amounts you see are a guideline price only – actual dollar charges may differ slightly depending on the current exchange rates.


Andy Remic is the author of many Fantasy and SF novels, currently – Spiral, Quake,
Warhead, War Machine, Biohell, Hardcore, SIM, Serial Killers Incorporated,
Kell’s Legend, Soul Stealers, Vampire Warlords, The Clockwork Vampire
Chronicles, Cloneworld, Theme Planet and the impending Toxicity. He’s a
hard-talking, hard-fighting fluffy bunny rabbit of a man, who enjoys mountain biking, film making, mountain climbing, kick boxing and red hot chili peppers! He has an unhealthy love of chainsaws, and set up Anarchy Books to handle some his own weirder, non-mainstream projects including dual-release novels and albums.

Andy’s website is www.andyremic.com

“My official biography blurb runs like this: Andy Remic lives in Lincoln, UK, although his heart and viking soul belong to the Scottish mountains. Married with two children, Andy has a variety of esoteric and sometimes contrasting loves, including sword fighting, climbing, mountain biking, kick-boxing, Ducati motorcycles and retro-gaming. He
recently wrote the computer version of his novel Biohell for the 48K Spectrum, in which many people are still stuck. He writes SF/ fantasy/ horror/ thrillers, and some people quite like his books.

Our three main editors are Andy Remic, Mongrel Jones and Phil Ambler. All can be contacted via the Anarchy Books email address and are available for independent editing commissions.


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